Random Person Generator | User Identity, Account and Profile Generator

1. Is the Fake Person Generator illegal?

Of course the Fake Person Generator is legitimate, all the information provided by the generator is not true, including names, avatars(faces), addresses, emails, social security numbers, and so on, are not real exist. We just generate this information randomly in the correct format or in valid syntax. Now I'll explain some of the principles of information generated. All information is not infringing on the rights of any person or institution.

Avatar: All male and female avatars from some copyright free websites(https://unsplash.com and https://www.pexels.com), we are collecting and editing, and in our service, we will abide by their policy.

Name: We collect common first names and surnames, we have more than 40,000 first names and 40,000 surnames. We randomly extract some of these first names and surnames to produce a full name. It's possible that someone really is using a name we generated, but this is definitely a low probability event, and we guarantee that all the names are randomly generated.

Birthday: Random selection of dates.

Street address: Some street names exist, but the house number is some random numbers. That is to say, these street addresses are invalid.

City,state,postal code:These cities and states are real, and these cities and states contain all the cities and states of the United States. The cities and zip codes are matched.

Telephone number: Both fixed and mobile phone numbers are also randomly generated, but these numbers are with the correct area code and prefix, and match the city.

Email address: The email address looks real, especially with Yahoo and Gmail, but these are also fake, and all email addresses are randomly generated according to the custom of people named email address. Humans have used billions of email addresses, and perhaps some email addresses are being used by some real person, this is a very, very low probability event. The vast majority email addresses do not exist and cannot receive and send messages.

Social security numbers: Social security numbers are generated using the pattern outlined by the Social Security Administration. It looks correct, but it doesn't match the name at all.

Employment:These include salary, titles, company size, company name, which are all randomly generated, and we try to make the information seem real.

Finance: Including credit card, paypal and so on, just like any credit card generator on the internet. These credit cards are all randomly generated, and 100% does not exist, so it cannot be used. Even if you use these credit cards on sites that do not validate the authenticity of your credit card, nor will it cost anyone.

Personal information: Including biography, interests and so on. For example, the favorite movie, we just collected 500 of the most popular movies, then randomly assigned to these generated person. Other information too.

Online profile: Including username, password, registered IP, login times and so on. All of this information is also randomly generated. We try to make the information look like a real user profile

2. Where can this information be used?

1. The new website or software needs to test the performance of the program, which is the main purpose of our website

2. You may need a fake address, or an alias, in your book, novel, or article

3. You don't want your information to be leaked online, so use another complete set of generated fake information

4. You need to be a foreigner when you register some sites as a foreigner

5. Other things that are not against the law

3. Can I use your fake information on my website, in my book like novel, in my movie, etc?

Absolutely you can! You just required to give attribution to the FakePersonGenerator for any information you use from our website.