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Easily get postal codes/postcodes in all regions of Croatia.

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 Random Postcodes of Croatia

  • Postcode: 52420

    Country: Croatia

    City: Žonti

    Region 2/County: Buzet

    State/Province/Oblast/Region: Istarska

  • Postcode: 20231

    Country: Croatia

    City: Doli

    Region 2/County: Doli

    State/Province/Oblast/Region: Dubrovačko-Neretvanska

  • Postcode: 10360

    Country: Croatia

    City: Vuger Selo

    Region 2/County: Sesvete

    State/Province/Oblast/Region: Grad Zagreb

  • Postcode: 35422

    Country: Croatia

    City: Gornji Crnogovci

    Region 2/County: Zapolje

    State/Province/Oblast/Region: Brodsko-Posavska

  • Postcode: 10450

    Country: Croatia

    City: Novo Selo Okićko

    Region 2/County: Jastrebarsko

    State/Province/Oblast/Region: Zagrebačka

  • Postcode: 52342

    Country: Croatia

    City: Salambati

    Region 2/County: Svetvinčenat

    State/Province/Oblast/Region: Istarska

  • Postcode: 47222

    Country: Croatia

    City: Luke

    Region 2/County: Cetingrad

    State/Province/Oblast/Region: Karlovačka

  • Postcode: 42253

    Country: Croatia

    City: Ježovec

    Region 2/County: Bednja

    State/Province/Oblast/Region: Varaždinska

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