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Easily get postal codes/postcodes in all regions of Italy.

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 Random Postcodes of Italy

  • Postcode: 45100

    Country: Italy

    City: Borsea

    Region 3: Rovigo,Region 2/County: Rovigo

    State/Province/Oblast/Region: Veneto

  • Postcode: 66019

    Country: Italy

    City: Fallascoso

    Region 3: Torricella Peligna,Region 2/County: Chieti

    State/Province/Oblast/Region: Abruzzo

  • Postcode: 24060

    Country: Italy

    City: Brusaporto

    Region 3: Brusaporto,Region 2/County: Bergamo

    State/Province/Oblast/Region: Lombardia

  • Postcode: 41033

    Country: Italy

    City: Fossa

    Region 3: Concordia sulla Secchia,Region 2/County: Modena

    State/Province/Oblast/Region: Emilia-Romagna

  • Postcode: 00054

    Country: Italy

    City: Fiumicino aeroporto

    Region 3: Fiumicino,Region 2/County: Roma

    State/Province/Oblast/Region: Lazio

  • Postcode: 01030

    Country: Italy

    City: Castel Sant'Elia

    Region 3: Castel Sant'Elia,Region 2/County: Viterbo

    State/Province/Oblast/Region: Lazio

  • Postcode: 63068

    Country: Italy

    City: Montalto delle Marche

    Region 3: Montalto delle Marche,Region 2/County: Ascoli Piceno

    State/Province/Oblast/Region: Marche

  • Postcode: 85051

    Country: Italy

    City: Bella

    Region 3: Bella,Region 2/County: Potenza

    State/Province/Oblast/Region: Basilicata

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